Shiva is the Hindu Deity known as the God of Destruction and Transformation. He is the Lord of the Cosmic Dance, often depicted in a circle of flames as in the Nataraja pictured here. He is the Dance of Bliss; the dance in which the entire universe is created, maintained, and dissolved in the eternal process of rebirth and renewal.  A cobra snake coils around his waist representing kundalini or Shakti; the Divine essence residing in all things.

His right hand holds a drum, symbolizing the original sound of creation and the beat of the drum as the passage of time. His second right hand is in the abhaya mudra position, meaning “fear not”.

His left hand points towards his raised foot, signifying up-liftment and liberation, leading the way through the jungle of ignorance. In his second left hand he holds fire, representing destruction.

Shiva is posed on one foot, displaying a state perfect balance amidst the fire of transformation. The small dwarf like figure he stands upon represents mastery over ignorance; subduing the deluded ego that has suffered and cries for the liberation of enlightenment.

As long as we remain ignorant we suffer. Shiva is the power to transform our suffering. Shiva is the great Destroyer that brings relief from our disillusions and lifts us to Liberation. Shiva is the power to transform anything.

Om Namaha Shivayia is perhaps the first name given to the creative Source. It is a sanskrit mantra, the oldest written language in our recorded history used for thousands of years by millions of people throughout human history, and continued to this day.

Om Namaha Shivayia.

I bow to the Lord within me. I take refuge in God. I take refuge in the eternal, unchanging, omnipresent essence of Life.

Are you experiencing stagnation in an area of your life?
Om Namaha Shivayia.

Pain, physical or emotional?
Om Namaha Shivayia.

Loss of direction or purpose?
Om Namaha Shivayia.
Om Namaha Shivayia.

Om Namaha Shivayia.

Remember; Shiva is the power to transform anything.

There are many different mantras used throughout the millennia of human history.

Mantras, when used effectively, replace our mental chatter with a higher thought, and bring us to a higher state and vibration.

What is your favorite mantra and its meaning?