It’s 3:23 in the morning, and I’m awake, because my great great grandchildren won’t let me sleep. My great great grandchildren ask me in dreams:

What did you do while the planet was plundered?

What did you do while the earth was unraveling?

What did you do once you knew…? ~ Drew Dellinger

How to save trees.

It’s easy to connect to the Mother Earth here in Oregon. With so many lush, immensely towering, green forests, gushing rivers, piled up rocks and ancient lava beds it’s like the earth is exploding in all her glory right at my feet. I am so blessed to call this my homeland.

As a native Oregonian I have been grieving over the deforestation of our beautiful planet all of my life. Each year I watch, driving through the mountains of newly naked stretches of earth scorched in the sun from thoughtless clear-cutting. The young, over exposed baby trees that have been ‘replanted’ cannot compare to the remaining old growths that tower on the outer rims of the forest scraped bare.

Trees are not a renewable resource. This logging-industry motto is a lie.

In fact, hemp is a very safe, renewable resource that can replace and out perform all of our timber products. (Hemp is not a drug like marijuana, it is thc free and cannot get anyone high).

Most of our biggest, healthiest trees were cut down years ago, depleting the ‘gene pool’ of future generations of trees. The damage we have done will take hundreds of years to be repaired if it can be completely repaired at all.

But these newly planted, younger trees must be planted and protected if they are ever to match their former generations of regal giants in our forests.

There is something very special about trees, and if you ever spend time in the forrest you will just know it. In todays modern times this deep intuitive feeling, knowing, and native cultural respect and even worship for trees has not been enough to stop the ongoing rape of our earth.

How to save trees?

Yes, I love trees. I was born to be a TreeSister. Finally now we can do something about it. We no longer have to remain silently resentful of what we see happening to our planet, of what we see happening to us, of what we see happening to each other. Together we are strong. Together each one of us can make a difference.

Please join me in becoming a TreeSister’s founding funder.

When women join together – when women rise up, we can offer our future generations a legacy worth living for.  Ponder, really contemplate these words of his holiness the Dali Lama,

The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman.

All my love,


P.S. Check out this fantastic article on the scientific findings of how accurate the ‘spiritual and physical benefit’ of forests actually are for humans. The article states that a simple walk in the woods has been proven to reduce the level of stress chemicals in the body and strengthen the immune system, helping us fight off tumors and viruses. Anxiety, depression and even crime rates are lower in our inner cities that have more trees in their environment.