About Me

My purpose in life is to inspire others to fully embody their higher self.

My Vision

My vision is that the teachings of Rebirthing Breathwork, healing with the elements, and knowledge of the unconscious death urge and how to heal it, become common education for everyone around the globe. 

That we restore our relationship to the Sacred Feminine.

That we reforest our earth, clean her waters, earth, and air, restore wildlife populations and habitat, and heal our human hearts and planet.

That animals live safe from human harm.

That we, as humanity honor and celebrate our diversities.

That we make reparations with our indigenous cultures and protect, respect, support and empower their communities.

That humanity embrace only harmonious technologies that do no harm or depletion of our Mother Earth, Gaia, and live closer to the land in connection with Nature, conscious evolution, healing, and wholeness.

That we build a monetary system that works for everyone.

That we evolve as a global human family, bringing an end to war, poverty, and hunger.

That we achieve all this and expand even further into what our human potential is, in love and service to life itself.

My Time with Leonard Orr

I first met Leonard, founder of the worldwide modern day breathwork movement, in 2002 when I was in my early twenties. Our friendship and working relationship continued until his passing in 2019, and in many ways the relationship continues on.

I was Leonard’s ebook publisher and editor for over 12 years. I am the founder and owner of LeonardOrrBooks.com Leonard liked to say that I ‘resurrected’ the Conscious Connection, the quarterly newsletter of his nonprofit, Rebirth International. I organized events for him, traveled with him, and worked as a lead trainer for his West Coast Annual Convention; Return to the Sacred.

It is hard to describe the full impact of Leonard’s life and teachings. They are both ancient and radically ahead of our times.

Simply being in his presence and in friendship with him profoundly transformed every aspect of my life, even before I came to know him, through his students and his student’s students work.

From my finances and physical health to my experiences as a mother, he empowered me to be more of who I am, actively in this world. And I know that I am just one person of thousands, and thousands of people whose lives he transformed in this way.

For me to be here walking with him on this earth, to benefit from his presence and teachings, was pure grace.

With all of his humor, charm, realness, endearing and at times infuriating humanness, he was so completely ‘on purpose’ in his life that he literally changed the world for the better.

 He traveled the world for over 50 years, half a century, giving us this gift of something that is so big and beyond comprehension that we can just call it grace or divine intervention. And it came through Leonard, a regular guy who was also completely exceptional. His consciousness lives on, his awareness, his energy body lives. To me he is still very much here and it is a gift.

For the people that are new, who never got to meet Leonard Orr but wish they had… I want you to know that who Leonard was, who Leonard is, is so much bigger than his incarnation.

He may not be with us In his body now, but his consciousness and the energy that he embodied is available to us all. You can connect with him in your own way, through your breath and certainly through his books, writings, audios and videos.

LifeForce Educational Corp.

I am also a graduate of the full curriculum at The LifeForce Educational Corporation, founded by Rev. Matt Garrigan. I continued to work with them for years, volunteering as a personal coach and team leader where I assisted others to actualize their potential and contribute to their communities, activate life management skills, master their life purpose, remove blockages to ecstatic living, and achieve life goals. My training with them informs my work with clients and assists me daily in my own journey of health and wholeness.

I enjoy my life as an author, artist, and full time mama to a very special divine being. After traveling to India and living for several years in Spain, my family and I are currently enjoying life in Oregon, USA.

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In Truth, Simplicity and Love,

Tree Sisters

I am a ‘founding funder’ of Treesisters, making monthly donations since 2013, funding the planting of tropical trees, sequestering carbon and directly helping replenish the world’s forests.

Treesisters’ mission is To “rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.”

You can learn more at https://treesisters.org/

My Offerings

AMT (Affirmative Mind Treatment)