Sara Dawn

Rebirthing Breathworker

My purpose in life is to inspire others to fully embody their higher self.

My vision is that the teachings of Rebirthing Breathwork, healing with the elements, and knowledge of the unconscious death urge and how to heal it become common education for everyone around the globe.

"Sara is the embodiment of rebirthing"

– Dan Brule, author of Just Breathe

"Sara is an exceptional Breathworker, guide and compassionate soul who will meet you wherever you are at in your process. Through our ten sessions together, I felt myself let go of what past experience no longer served me and helped open my breathing to a healthier rhythm. I felt very comfortable and meditative. A fantastic teacher!"

– Serena Harker, Balanced Body Facilitator

"Sara is an intelligent, soulful, compassionate woman. She brings a genuine passion to her work, and is clearly committed to her own development and that of her clients. She is someone of absolute integrity. Sara has a delightful presence. And she somehow brings a wisdom well beyond her years. She is making her mark on the world in ways that will continue to amplify over time."

– Kevin Renner, Global Marketing Director

"Sara Dawn is an incredible healer and presence on this planet. I highly recommend working with her."

– Albert Kaufman

Recent Articles

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(Image- Leonard Orr, Madrid 2011) I wrote this blogpost in response to some of the criticisms circulating in the community and on social media regarding the death of Leonard Orr and the validity of his teachings. I’m a longtime friend of Leonard. I first became his...

Group Breathwork vs Individual Sessions

Return to the Sacred training with Leonard Orr, 2010 at Sierra Hot springs, CA There has been a real polarity within the Breathwork community regarding group sessions vs individual sessions. Leonard D. Orr, founder of the modern day Breathwork movement, experimented...

Winter Solstice – Beauty in the Darkness

As I reflect on the power and beauty of this Winter Solstice, I am reminded of a very potent life experience... It was only our second day together in a weekend intensive, but already we knew more of each other than many friends may ever know in a lifetime. Old...

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